The NFL What nation?

I am so angry that it is actually difficult to write about the situation with the National Football League.   It is a prime example of:  “If I have enough money. I can do anything I want and all will be forgiven”.  That is just no longer going to be acceptable!

In the wake of the NFL’s refusing the AMVET’s request for a superbowl ad stating simply: ” PLEASE STAND” , a great many true Americans are visibly and vocally upset by the total lack of patriotism and loyalty.   I am, indeed, one of those upset Americans.

Let us analyze:

National Football League – what nation?  It cannot be the USA for the following reasons:

  1.   The USA is a nation.  It has a banner – The stars and stripes represent this nation
  2.   The USA also has and anthem:  The “National” anthem  –  the Stars Spangled Banner”  honoring the above mentioned banner.
  3. It has been understood for generations that, when that anthem is played, the citizens of the USA stand to honor their nation and its banner.
  4. The NHL stands to honor this nation’s banner
  5. The NBA stands to honor this nation’sbanner
  6. MLB stands to honor this nation’sbanner
  7. High Schools stand to honor this nation’s banner
  8. Colleges and Universities stand to honor this nation’s banner
  9. In High Schools across the USA they stand to honor this nation’s banner
  10. Even at the Olympics, no matter the venue, they stand to honor the banner of the USA

The “National Football League”, however,  does not see fit to allow even veterans who have offered up their lives in service to this nation, to pay for the privilege of asking super bowl attendees to stand for its nation’s anthem,

For the reasons listed above, I must asked the question:  “What nation does the NFL represent?